By. Balqis SP

Weekends are eagerly awaited by many people to take a break from the activities of the office, school, or tiring daily activities. Some spend it with their partner, family, friends or even alone. However, unpredictable weather with storms as well as frequent rains can hamper the vacation plans that have been prepared as well as possible.

Even though outdoor activities are very difficult to do right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t activities that can be done to fill your time off. Dine With A Guide has several recommended activities to spend your time during the weekend, especially for indoors activities.

1. Indoor Sport Activities such as Ice Skating, BasketBall, etc.

Doing indoor sports activities with family or friends is one activity that can be done to kill time. Moreover, in uncertain weather, the body can get sick easily. Therefore, healthy activities such as sports are the right choice to keep the body in shape.

2. Spending Your Time in The Museum

Dating, or spending time with family in the Museum is the right choice. Walking around looking at paintings or learning about history doesn’t seem bad. Because you don’t just spend time with people you love, but you can also learn and add new insights. There are several recommended museums in Amsterdam that you can visit, click to read them.

3. Shopping fun at Shopping Mall

Traveling would be very less fun without shopping. You can spend your time walking around the shopping mall and trying on various clothes, or items that interest you.

4. Watch Movies with Family at the Cinema

With the reopening of cinemas in European countries, it can be good news for all film lovers, especially for spending time with family by watching movies together.
Watching movies together can also strengthen bonds, as well as kill boredom without having to get cold or rain. Therefore, you can do this recommendation with the people you love.

5. A Fun Dinner with the Loved One

Having dinner together will always be the right choice to spend the night together while chatting cheerfully. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a simple restaurant, the most important thing is who you spend time with. If you want to have a different dinner experience, Dine With A Guide offers a dinner experience full of fun discussions and adds insight with a guide who is ready to answer all questions about the country you are visiting.

Those are 5 recommended activities you can do when the weather is bad. Visit www.dinewithaguide.com for many more recommendations, and more information for a great dinner with a guide.