Introduction Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine is one of the richest of the world. Each region has it’s specialities. In the text below we will focus on the cuisine from Florence.

The dishes of the Florentine cuisine are very simple. Poor people back in the past couldn’t afford to have great meals and this is why all the traditional dishes come from simplicity. 

Ribollita (Reboiled)

It is the traditional soup of Florence.

It’s a very rich dish, full of vegetables and bread.

Something to fill the stomach easily.

Bread was an essential part of every meal, and it couldn’t be wasted. But after a couple af days the bread became hard and difficult to eat.

Well, the Ribollita is a dish to use what  was left.

Basically, it is made with many vegetables and legumes.


The Florentine steak.

Another very typical plate is The Florentine steak. 

A t-bone steak, very tender and served always pretty rare. The steak comes from a particular Tuscan breed – Chianina. A big and all-white cow.