Why do I love this place so much?

Because it is unique, very special and full of history. It tells us the story about Cristopher Columbus and the discovery of the new world, America 

I love it,  because you can feel the enthusiasm Esteban Martin put into this amazing building. He knew a lot about history, art and architecture 

 Sometime I just go there to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the coast from there.  

My favourite restaurants

La Viborilla, Benalmadena Coast

It combines a beautiful garden restaurant with breathtaking views of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The seafood and fish is excellent. Try the “boquerones fritos”, fired anchovies, one of the most typical fish of the area. Malaga and its coast is known for the “pescaito frito” , all kind of small fried fish. Another speciality are “espetos” , sardines on the charcoal grill. I also suggest the delicious ” mixed paella” or even “black paella ” with the ink of the octopuss and seafood

Los Mellizos, Torremolinos

Another famous fish Restaurant in the fishing village La Carihuela. Fishermen still go out in the early morning to catch the fish and deliver it to the many fish restaurants along this typical neighbourhood of Torremolinos . Big variety  fish an seafood on the nice promenade and seafront. I would suggest scallops , calamari or Dorada a la sal (seabass in salt crust)