What is it?

When the Augustinian friars arrived in Florence in the 1200s, they settled down in the outskirts of the city, in what used to be countryside. They built Santo Spirito church, and began to preach. Very soon the community grew. Even more people gathered in front of the church to listen to friars’ speech. In the 1400s, the basilica was rebuilt by the most famous architect of the Renaissance: Filippo Brunelleschi. Works of art were commissioned to the most famous artists of Florence. Even Michelangelo carved a wooden cross as a present for the friars. 

Santo Spirito is a shrine of art, history and spirituality, far away from the crowds on the other side of the Arno river.

Once you have filled your eyes with beauty, you are ready to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Sitting at one of the several cafés in the square, drinking an aperitivo, you will meet Florentines at their best! 

Why do I like this place so much?

I have been living in Florence for over 20 years! I still love this town like the day I arrived. I feel my relation with the city is like a love story: some days are better than others, but despite all the difficulties, love is stronger! 

Spring and summer can be really busy here. When I want to run away from the crowds and to reconnect with the most authentic part of the city, I cross the river. I dive into the district of Santo Spirito. Local artisans, authentic shops, artists’ workshops, genuine restaurants and a very laid back atmosphere. This is all I need to love Florence desperately!

My favourite restaurants:

O’ Munaciello – Pizzeria

T’amerò – Fresh pasta and fish