What is it?

It is really hard to choose just one spot within the city, but I never get tired of the unique atmosphere and the panoramic view from Charles Bridge. This well-known symbol of Prague is said to be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

The bridge itself was a daring construction built by Charles IV, a Czech king and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the 14th century. Charles was a clever, far-sighted visionary who strategically linked both sides of the city with a mighty bridge. It took them more than 50 years to erect it and it spans over 500 metres.

Actually, the bridge presents an open air gallery, being decorated with 30 saintly statues overlooking the city.


Why do I like this place so much?

Apart from its historical beauty and importance Charles Bridge offers really breath-taking views over the Moldau river (Vltava in Czech) intersecting the city centre. It‘s precisely here where you realise why the city of Prague has been called “Paris of the East”. I truly love the embracing beauty of the sunset watched from there. I guess it’s unmissable!


And if you fancy escaping the crowds and rewarding yourself with a more exclusive experience, I definitely recommend getting off the ground going up the Old Town Bridge Tower. Once you manage to climb 138 steps trying to catch your breath you will ‘lose it again’ on the viewing gallery as the panorama is absolutely fascinating. Let’s go for it!


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