What is it?

The Jordaan district was developed around 1613 adjacent to the famous canals of Amsterdam.
It was a crowded working-class neighborhood: until the 20th century over 80.000 people lived on 68 acres.
A lot of small industries were located all over the area.
In houses of two floors were 10 apartments without toilets, where about 50 persons lived.
During the sixties most of the people moved away from the Jordaan giving rise to plans to redevelop this dilapidated neighborhood.

Why do I like this place so much?

Today the Jordaan is one of the most fashionable districts with lots of boutiques, bars, restaurants and art-
galleries. Therefor is best equipped to get you acquainted with the concept of “gezelligheid”, have a taste of the famous traditional appelpie in a famous Bruin café.

My favorite restaurants:

Bambino Amsterdam
De Watergang Amsterdam
Sirtaki Utrecht