What is it?
When you walk from the Beguinage (a famous and idyllic spot full of history at the outskirts of Bruges) in the direction of the centre, you’ll pass through theKatelijnestraat, famous for its chocolate shops and beer temples. These famous Belgian products will incite you for some culinary tasting! But don’t forget to turn into theNieuwe Gentweg as you stroll along the various shops.
Unexpectedly you’ll find yourself in a very quiet and pitioresque location, the Saint-Joseph Almshouses. The Almshouses in Bruges were created by the wealthy citizensor by the guilds and corporations to help the most needy people of the town. There
always was a little chapel for prayer, a garden or patio and a number of white houseswith basic furniture. The purpose was charity to the poor, but also demonstrating one’s Christian values.

Nowadays the inhabitants are local people who show they are proud of their city andeven more proud of their typical town-garden. In Bruges a lot of green spots are hiddenas an unknown gem behind the walls. I can show you a few of them,….

Let me take you back in history to the medieval times, when life was so different. Everystone of Bruges can tell you an interesting story. The city has kept its medieval lookbecause of the downfall in later centuries. All of the wealth and commerce went to
Antwerp, and Bruges became a hidden beauty.

During this visit you will be only a step away from the bustling heart of the city withits cafés and restaurants, and the nice boutiques, unless you want to continue yourcultural tour in the musea and historical sites. But Bruges also is a very lively city with
modern art and a lot of different cultural events.

Why do I like this place so much?
I like the lively Market square, the historical richness of the Burg square and the medieval evocation of the Beguinage. But this little spot, hidden away from the hustlegives me the opportunity to enjoy a quiet moment, sometimes talking with theinhabitants about recent events, the weather, or the plants in the garden,…
Here you can think yourself in the old days when modern devices were not existing,when Bruges was one of the biggest city in the European world, although it still had ahumane dimension. And it is only a second away from the modern and fashionable present.

• Au Petit Grand
• Au Duc de Bourgogne
• Bistro De Schaar

• Grand Hotel Casselbergh
• Beer Bar Rose Red
• Vlissinghe