What is it?

Alcazabilla street is one of the oldest street in Málaga. It has more than 2800 years of history! In less than one square kilometre, there are a plethora of monuments from several different civilizations.

There is a Roman Theatre from 1st century, a fish factory from 4th century and also a Arabic fortress from 11th century. There’s a great mix which thankfully hasn’t been destroyed by modernity. 

The area is very peaceful, especially at night when, sitting alone on a bench, you have the feeling of being in an ancient time.


Why do I like this place so much?

The reason I love this place is because it is a very easy and interesting area to understand the development of a city which has 2800 years of history. 

This site hosts the “Málaga International Film Festival” every year, which changes the ambience. It actually enhances the cultural weight of the area. 

Naturally, one of my favourite restaurants, “El Pimpi”, is located in the vicinity. They serve delicious traditional Spanish cuisine in an interior that has it’s own rich history. 


My favourite restaurants.

El Pimpi.

A restaurant with different rooms with a very special decoration. Traditional gastronomy


Los Mellizos

A seafood restaurant where you can enjoy fish caught that same day.


Lo Gueno

Fish and meat of a very good quality