The History of Real Madrid

By. Balqis Sukma Pertiwi

Real Madrid is one of the most famous football clubs in n the world, which has won a number of trophies including winning the European Cup 13 times, Regional Championship 18 times, Spanish Super Cup 11 times, and Fifa World Club 7 times.

Real Madrid was founded by a group of fans in Madrid in 1902 before the name changed to Real (Royal) Madrid in 1920. The famous blue-white was inspired by the English team at that time. 

Real Madrid’s legendary status internationally was solidified under the leadership of Santiago Bernabeu Yeste, who was a player and club president for about 35 years until he died in 1978. He succeeded to make Real Madrid the biggest club in the world.

In 2000, Real Madrid was selected by FIFA as the football team of the 20th century. Until now, Real Madrid is still a club that is very feared by opponents, especially in La Liga.

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