Ton van Garderen

What is it?

The Markt is part of the historic city center. In the middle of this fan-shaped central square is the town hall, one of the oldest gothic buildings in the Netherlands. 

An other eyecatcher of the Markt is the 17th century Waag, the place where during centuries  the cheese produced by nearby farmers was weighed and sold. As you know, still today Gouda is associated with cheese.

 Many of the buildings provide a perfect bridge between  the beauty of the past and the pleasures of today: they are used as pub or restaurant.

Why do I like this place so much?

I really love to spend some hours on one of the many terraces of the Markt, to combine a good book with a tasteful beer from a local brewery or with an enchanting Rioja/Chianti. And if the book does not meet my expectations, I don’t get bored: plenty of activity on the square. 

My favourite restaurants:

  • De Mallemolen, Gouda. International and Local Cuisine. Fine dining.
  • De Kas, Amsterdam. Vegetables from their own greenery.
  • Sea Salt Saloon, Utrecht. Top Fish restaurant.